What some of our Participants had to say

We have served many clients, teams and individuals in organisations both large and growing. Here are some of what our participants had to say.


As course designer and learning facilitator, I have designed and delivered many communication training skills programs.  Being a certified behavior consultant,  I am quite aware of my communication style and strengths.  However, I was surprised that the Trainers from the Ministry of Influence were able to describe my communication style accurately and point out my blind spots.  They have given some simple suggestions for improvement which I have applied.  I am pleased that these suggestions has helped me to relate better with others.   For example, I have learnt to handle conflicts, differences among people and issues in my business more constructively.  I am also more present to my own needs and more assertively share my expectations, views and plans to encourage collaboration.

- Steven Koh, CEO Trillion Training (S) Pte Ltd


I first interacted with the coaches from the Ministry when I attended a "Bulls eye communication" workshop. The trainers had this ability to craft their stories and deliver them in a way that touched on the deepest of our emotions. All of them were very engaging and asked very deep questions, coaching and guiding us to craft and deliver our own stories which touched on every participants' emotions. They showed a genuine interest in the participants and their stories as well. They were all so selfless and patient in their sharing of knowledge and experience. The whole talk was made fun through their witty interactions and helped us to think of how we can create a story out of every little episode we face every day. It was my pleasure to learn under the Ministry Of Influence's guidance.

- Mike Li Yuchuan, Career Coach, Workforce Singapore

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In the competitive technology industry that I am in, I always thought warmth and being a lady is a disadvantage.  However, through the coaching delivered by the Ministry Of Influence, I've learnt that I come across as a warm and approachable person naturally, and it's a strength rather than a weakness.  I have learnt that I should be honest with my needs in order to really deliver difficult messages effectively.   By leveraging on my personal style, and adopting delivery frameworks that the Coaches have taught me, I was better able to deliver team speeches to motivate my team, and also better convince stakeholders to collaborate with me on shared goals.

- Ursula Chiang, Director, Head of Professional Services APAC at PayPal