Course Overview

These high-intensity small group coaching (Groups of 3 to 5) are created for deep, personal discover to help teams and team members get breakthroughs in specific areas of their ability to influence.



Many people miss out on opportunities in life, or get overlooked because of the fear of speaking up and expressing their needs. On another front, those who find it hard to say “No” often find themselves over stretched and burnt out. It’s one thing to know that they have to be more assertive, it’s another to be so. Assertiveness have often been associated, unfortunately and erroneously, with being loud, domineering or uncooperative. It does not have to be so! In this workshop, participants work on overcoming personal defenses and limiting beliefs that block them from becoming more assertive, and learn techniques to communicate their needs without harming their relationships and get more respect in the process.


Courage to Shine

To get more success in life, we want to stand out from the competition and be remembered. However, unknowingly, for much of our lives, we've also learned to fit in with others out of fear of being rejected and alone. At the Courage to Shine workshop, participants work to overcome the personal barriers and fears that prevent them from expressing themselves fully, and uncover the qualities that make them inherently attractive.


Exploring Vulnerability and Emotions

As we are competing relentlessly to get ahead, we've often learned to put aside our emotions for fear of appearing weak. Over time, we become detached from our emotions, including the underlying emotions that keep us stuck in our unproductive patterns of behavior. Additionally, people decide emotionally and rationalize later. Therefore, the ability to master our emotions and to express them in our communications will help us to better build relationships and influence others.

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