Course Overview

It is often said that sales is a numbers game.  However, the traditional view of more leads translating to more appointments resulting in more sales can no longer be a sustainable strategy.  More calls requires more manpower and more time spent, resources which are limited and getting scarcer in today's information age.

Our "Selling with Influence" series of programs are experiential programs that focus on helping salespeople to sharpen their sales presentations through understanding customer psychology and the personality types .  Different personality types have very different purchasing thought process and base their decisions on very different criteria.  Understanding this can help sales people to customize their presentations to connect faster and deeper with their prospects, and increase the odds of closing.

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This program is perfect for;

B2B Sales People that are interested in cutting through the noise and delivering a sharp, impactful and powerful sales pitch. 


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Learning Outcomes.

  • Apply strategies used by the top salespeople to produce spectacular results
  • Understand and apply buying psychology so that you can strategically lead your sales conversation
  • Craft your sales presentation using the P-S-Y-C-H-O framework so that you can strategically bring your prospects through the sales cycle, and have them ready to buy.
  • Build your reputation as an expert that your customers want to work with
  • Build a curriculum to educate your prospects about the benefits of your products / services, so that they are convinced to buy
  • Effortlessly build rapport and meaningful relationship with your customers so that you are seen as a valued partner instead of merely a salesperson
  • Appeal to the inherent needs of your customers and build an irresistible offer that they cannot refuse

Program outline

Consultative Selling

  • Master consultative selling so as to get your prospects to own their problem and seek solutions
  • How to sell the problem to the clients and get them to unearth their underlying needs
  • How to appeal to their emotions and surface commitment for change
  • Offer your services in such a way that’s compelling solutions to their problems

Questioning Skills in Sales

  • Ask Questions Strategically to Direct the Thought Process of the Prospects
  • Asking the Right Questions to Attain Comprehensive Understanding of the Prospects
  • Ask Specific Questions to Cleverly Build Commitment of the Prospects
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Strategic Sales Presentations

  • Keep your Prospects engaged by adopting connection strategies used by professional speakers and salespeople
  • Master Techniques such as Effective Storytelling in order to engage your Prospects emotionally and Demonstrate Value of your Products and Services
  • Learn and apply Secret Tools of Influence that can help Increase your Ability to Sell

Mastering Language of Influence

  • Tap into the basic psychology of human beings to understand what causes influence
  • Understand the importance of language patterns on the psychology of your prospects
  • Apply simple language patterns and concepts to craft and strategise your sales presentation for maximum impact
  • Use language of influence so that you are able to sell without selling

Deepening the Commitment

  • Learn Conversation Techniques that can help you Build and Deepen Rapport with your Prospects
  • A Top Level industry Technique to Build the Commitment of your Prospects to Buy
  • Appeal to the Higher Motives and Purpose of your Prospects, to get them to Care and Buy