Learning Outcomes

  • Influence with stories – how telling the best stories will make all the difference in business, work and relationships

  • Dig deep into your personal experiences to craft authentic stories that teach and inspire

  • Create a “story-file” of stories, so that you always have compelling stories in your armory that you can tell to influence on demand

  • Learn the various types of stories you can tell for different situations and purposes

  • Be a leader who inspires by making a hero of your employees by recognizing and sharing their success stories

  • Be a master storyteller so that you can energize, excite and engage your audience every time you speak

  • Bring the audience through a roller-coaster ride in emotions so that they experience the learning for themselves, are inspired and moved to take action

Program Outline

Introduction to Storytelling

  • Appreciate the various effects of storytelling in everyday life
  • Why storytelling works

Master the Elements of a Good Story

  • Finding a plot that connects
  • The devil is in the details!
  • Character sketching
  • Milking moral dilemmas

Crafting Meaningful Stories

  • The various type of stories, so that you can craft stories for all situations and purposes
  • Tell touching personal stories to get the audience to connect to a high goal
  • Masterfully combine several stories to make a powerful point
  • Craft stories that offers a message or lesson for the audience

Impactful Storytelling Delivery

  • Keep your audience at the edge of their seats through your story
  • Apply powerful delivery techniques, such as voice quality, enunciation, accents, pitch, vocal variety, body language, eye contact and energy, to bring the story to life



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