Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an impactful image that will help you project yourself with confidence and charisma
  • Apply a template to design a powerful training program from A to Z, so that you can replicate the process every time you have to craft a new program
  • Apply tried and tested training techniques so that your trainees can learn faster and remember more
  • How to be a dazzling presenter and trainer so that your trainees will respect and follow your leadership
  • How to control the energy in your training sessions so that you can keep your trainees engaged throughout your program
  • Develop the mindset, skill set of a people developer so that you can effectively guide, teach and empower the people you lead
  • How to design and use learning activities to lead your trainees to get realizations, breakthroughs in learning on their own
  • How to be an expert facilitator so that you can draw out valuable learning and lessons from your trainees, helping them learn

Program Outline

The Leader as a People Developer

  • Learn the major differences between training, coaching and mentoring
  • Unlock your own resistances, fears and barriers to becoming an inspiring and powerful trainer and coach

Understanding How People Learn

  •  Understanding adult learning principles and the effects on training program design
  • Various learning styles available and to identify different learners' learning style
  • Various categories of skills to be taught (motor skills, knowledge, attitudes, mental skills)
  • How to adjust and customize training methodology and content to fit the various learning styles

Using Activities and Creating Opportunities for Learning

  • Apply the psychology of how people learn to engineer challenges that encourage taking action and learning instead of merely “spoon-feeding”, prescribing and preaching practices  
  • Create systems documenting methods of operations so that you can ensure ease of production

Facilitation and Classroom Engagement Skills

  •   How to frame a training program and get buy in from your trainees from the start
  •  How to give instructions in a concise and clear manner so that the audience knows what is expected.
  • Handle any “difficult” situation in any room at any time elegantly, in full control and with positive outcome.
  • How to be an expert facilitator so that you can draw out valuable learning and lessons from your participants, helping them to learn more effectively
  • Debrief any episode, action or activity in a way that creates irrefutable evidence for change to drive performance with any group.

Storytelling for Persuasive and Inspiring Training

  • Craft stories that offers a message or lesson for the trainees
  • Keep your trainees excited, engaged and at the edge of their seats by adopting connection strategies used by professional speakers and leaders
  • Bring the trainees through a roller-coaster ride in emotions so that they experience the learning for themselves

Coaching and Feedback Skills

  • How to critically evaluate the performance, yet give feedback an encouraging, yet effective manner that uplifts your trainees
  • Learn the C-O-A-C-H™ Framework to coach your trainees to help them learn even more effectively
  • Understanding the 6 levels of connection and learning why people may be stuck where they are
  • Learn a very important concept for probing and asking the right questions to unearth your clients’ hidden needs, motivations, attachments, blockages and blind spots
  • Ask question that guide your trainees to discovering their own learning instead of you having to tell them



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