Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the 4 main purpose of communications so that you can keep your message focused and on point
  • Learn the art of assertive communications and to support your points of views with logical frameworks and emotional appeal
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently so that you get your point understood clearly each time
  • Communicate powerful messages that get your audience to think, feel and act
  • Develop your quick thinking skills so that you can speak on your feet confidently, fluently and knowledgeably 


Program Outline

Why People Don’t Communicate Clearly

  • Challenges people face when having to communicate under pressure, stress, or when they are busy
  • Personal fright-fight-flight patterns and natural defenses that cause people to “clamp up” when communicating
  • 4 sins communicators made because of “trying too hard”

Critical Thinking

  • Analyse issues from different points of view
  • Form well supported arguments and coherent viewpoints
  • Thought formation for clear communications

Communication Best Practices

  • Communication “follow through” – how to communicate so others listen
  • Manage your emotions – how to communicate firmly yet in a pleasant, diplomatic manner
  • Limit verbosity – the art of “saying enough” and when to “shut it”

Powerful Communication Delivery

  • Apply voice quality, enunciation, accents, pitch, vocal variety, body language, eye contact and energy in your communications
  • Eliminate bad habits that are credibility killers


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