Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate your prowess of the spoken English language so that your audience will automatically see you as a credible expert

  • Understand and apply audience psychology to craft speeches in a way that can persuade and inspire your audience

  • Understand the science behind the words we use, and how we can craft our messages in ways that are more impactful

  • Elegantly use rhetorical devices in your speeches to add impact to your message, and come across as highly credible

Program Outline

Crafting Persuasive Speeches

  • Apply powerful tips and techniques to help you get into the minds of your audience, appeal to their higher motives and purposes

  • Understand the psychology of influence, and craft your presentations to sell your ideas effectively

  • Apply a simple structure for writing persuasive presentations so that your presentation will not only inform the audience, but also get them to take action

Understanding Language of Influence

  • Understand the importance of language patterns on the psychology of the audience

  • Use simple, easy-to-understand, yet powerful phrases and words so that your presentations are impactful

  • Avoid overuse of jargon in your speech

  • Apply simple language patterns to craft and strategise your presentation for maximum impact

Using Language and Rhetorical Devices in your Speeches

  • Incorporate rhetorical devices and descriptive language to add impact to their spoken communications

  • Avoid the common errors (grammatical, pronunciation) made by speakers (especially local speakers) in their spoken communications.



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