Learning Outcomes

  • Gain awareness of your natural defenses and fright-­flight-­fight responses and learn techniques to stay centered in your power in the face of difficult situations

  • Apply powerful presentation delivery stances to command the attention of the audience and appear confident on stage in the face of difficulty.

  • Learn the art of assertive communications and to support your points of views with powerful supporting materials.

  • How to deconstruct hostile verbal statements and stay on point, and on purpose in difficult situations.

  • Develop your quick thinking skills so that you can speak on your feet confidently, fluently and knowledgeably.

Program Outline

Impromptu Speaking Strategies to Formulate Speeches Off the Cuff

  • Learn about your own fright-fight-flight patterns and natural defenses so that you can overcome the “blank mind syndrome”

  • Adopt powerful tried and tested structures and thought processes that will help you still be able to present yourself concisely and cogently

  • How to think out ­of ­the­ box and come up with witty lines

Critical Thinking

  • Participants will be taught how to Form Well­ - supported Arguments, Create Coherent Opinions

  • How to analyse issues from multiple points of views so as to form intelligent opinions that are well thought out

  • How to interpret complex situations and come up with opinion and suggestions

Master the Art of Verbal Jujitsu

  • Learn how to decoding hostile communications

  • Understanding pre-suppositions that are implied in conversations, so that you do not fall into the trap of addressing the “bait” rather than the issue at hand

  • Being able to make clear distinctions between concepts and ideas, so that you can remain on track and on point with your communications

Giving Engaging Presentations

  • Get into the heads of their audience and discover what keeps the audience engaged

  • How to Maintain Audience’s Attention and get you to Remember your Core Message

  • How to form Convincing Arguments and Ideas to Persuade Audience to Take Action



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