Learning Outcomes

  • Craft your sales presentation using a tried and trusted framework so that you can strategically bring your prospects through the sales cycle, and have them ready to buy.

  • Build your reputation as an expert that your customers want to work with

  • Build a curriculum to educate your prospects about the benefits of your products / services, so that they are convinced to buy

  • Effortlessly build rapport and meaningful relationship with your customers so that you are seen as a valued partner instead of merely a salesperson

  • Use language of influence so that you are able to speak the language of their hearts, and move to take action

  • Appeal to the inherent needs of your customers and build an irresistible offer that they cannot refuse

Program Outline

Crafting a Persuasive Presentation

  • How to set up a presentation so as to build maximum value for the prospect

  • Understand the psychology of influence, and craft your presentations to sell your ideas effectively

  • Apply a simple to use structure for writing persuasive presentations so that your presentation will not only inform the audience, but also get them interested in your products and services

Selling From the Stage

  • Apply powerful tips and techniques to help you get into the minds of your audience, appeal to their higher motives and purposes, to move them to take action

  • Master techniques to engage your prospects emotionally and demonstrate value of your products and services

  • Apply language patterns and questioning techniques to build the commitment of your prospects to buy Sle

S-P-A-R-K Your Presentations to Life!

  • Apply the S-P-A-R-K Model to craft engaging technical presentation

  • Fun and interactive activity using the S-P-A-R-K table game (see Annex B for visual of the S-P-A-R-K learning tool)

  • Present information in a way that will make the audience care and listen

Engaging delivery

  • Keep your audience engaged by adopting connection strategies used by professional speakers and salespeople

  • This is a hands-on segment where participants will learn how to sharpen their delivery skills

  • Attention will be placed on their voice quality (enunciation, accents, pitch, vocal variety) and volume, body language, eye contact and energy

Training Methodologies

This program will be highly interactive, with a mixture of personal reflection, pair-sharing exercises, class sharing, hands-on practice where participants are given opportunities to practice their speeches, get feedback and coaching.

Participants will be coached on their participation using our trademark C.O.A.C.H(TM) Framework.



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