Learning Objectives


  • Learn and apply the secret tips required for you to speak to anyone about anything
  • Establish rapport and a positive first impression with whoever you meet
  • Learn how to overcome personal barriers that stands in the way of relationship building
  • Increase your likability factor that leads to more opportunities at work and in business

Program Outline

Understanding the P-A-C-K-S Principles for Networking

  • Master the principles of how to add-value to people you meet, in order to position yourself as a credible and valuable person to know
  • Strategically identify opportunities where you can add value to other people, so that you get top-of-mind recall in the heads

Building your Personal Brand

  •  Gain awareness of your personal strengths, values and passions to build your unique personal brand
  • Overcome personal barriers that prevents you from building quality relationships with people
  • Increase likeability factor which will lead to more personal opportunities

Communicating to Connect

  • Create a positive and memorable first impression with anyone you meet
  • Build meaningful conversations with anyone, and leave a positive impression on you

Build Relationships Strategically

  • Build meaningful professional and personal relationships that will benefit you in your work and personal life
  • Build trust and deepen relationships with their friends, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders



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