Our Approach, Promise and Impact.

Our Approach.


Michaelangelo didn't create the statue of David by assembling individual pieces.

He carved away the marble slab to unveil the David within. Here at Ministry of Influence, we hold the same philosophy. We believe that the best communicators are not built, but unveiled.

Through our approach "PRESENT-ALITY" (a combination of Presentations and Personality), we use personality profiling to help individuals discover their innate styles, hidden gifts and strengths so that they can present themselves Confidently and Authentically.

Your Takeaways.

  • Best Practice Body Language

  • Craft Persuasive Presentations

  • Influencing groups and crowds naturally.

Our Promise To You.


We're Results Focused.

Skills and Knowledge acquired is only useful when applied.  What matters at the end of the day is the Results that your people are able to produce after attending our training.  Through our hands-on training sessions, your people will get a chance to apply what they have learnt immediately in class to generate instant breakthroughs and results.  Therefore, they will be motivated to learn even more and apply in their work, studies and / or daily lives.


Authenticity is the name of the game.

What you see is what you get. Our trainers are passionate about sharing and helping your people grow.  Whether you meet them before the training, or watch them during training, they will be equally passionate, and will be walking, talking and breathing “People Development and Empowerment”.



Fun and Engagement in every program.

We believe that training is meant to be more than sitting around listening to a trainer going through a ton of slides and concepts.  Training can, and should be fun and interactive! Through our sharing of personal stories and carefully and meticulously designed activities, your people will be fully engaged in a novel, realistic and enjoyable learning experience.

We Believe that the ability to influence is the golden ticket to greater successes in life.

Ministry of Influence is a training provider of choice in influential communications.  


From our experiences and research, much of the problems at work, in businesses, and in relationships can be avoided through proper communications. These problems arise not because people are bad people with malicious intentions, but because they do not have the confidence, courage, and will to communicate the right things, at the right time, in the right manner.

Through our various programs such as Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills and Personal Branding, we aim to transform every individual into influential individuals of greater confidence, clarity and compassion. These individuals can then be greater leaders, and team-players who can better contribute to their communities and causes.



Coen Tan

Principal Trainer and Chief Director


Tim Hammons

Trainer and Coach, Member of Board of Directors